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Mister Domes

"We got a thing goin' on"


We are here to revolutionize the outdoors

Explore a universe where innovation blends harmoniously with elegance and limitless possibilities are brought to life. At Mister Domes we specialize in designing extraordinary domes that reshape the traditional understanding of living, working and connecting with nature.

Our Dome

Unique and uncompromisingly sustainable

Designed with respect for nature

Manufactured from recycled polycarbonate and 100% recyclable.

Local suppliers and partners

At Mister Domes we believe in creating unique and highly efficient living spaces.

Our mission is to manufacture domes with a minimal ecological footprint, so that you are protected from the forces of nature and can enjoy the silence for years to come.

Versatile: The domes can be used for a variety of purposes, such as living spaces, relaxation areas, event spaces, eco-resort

Designed to create your unique outdoor living environment

Different dimensions

Different colors

At Mister Domes we understand that every customer is unique, and we pride ourselves on providing custom solutions that exceed expectations. From size and layout to materials and finishes, we work closely with you to ensure your d ome reflects your vision and captures your individual style.



Private or business

Our domes offer unique living spaces that can be adapted to different needs. This allows you to create living spaces, relaxation areas, event spaces, eco-resorts, home offices and more. Whether for personal use or business purposes, our domes provide a modern and aesthetically pleasing solution that surpasses traditional construction methods in terms of durability and versatility.

Why Mister Domes

A different approach

At Mister Domes we would like to invite you to experience our domes in a natural environment. No expensive showrooms, no hidden costs that are passed on to you afterwards. Our domes are made from sustainable materials that are 100% recyclable.

We work together with specialized partners who understand their profession.

We are ready with advice and decisiveness.

If desired, we can adapt our 4 different domes to your wishes.

Do you have a different size in mind? We are happy to find out what is possible.

We provide non-binding advice on the design, so that it fits perfectly with your project. And if necessary, we make the adjustments ourselves, possibly with the help of our partners.

We also offer support for do-it-yourself packages.

Our personal service comes first. Do you want the comfort of a Dome , but not the inconveniences? Don't worry, we have our own service department that takes the burden off you.

From A to Z, guaranteed with Mister Domes!

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