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The domes from Mister Domes

the technology behind our domes

“Ingeniously designed with an aerodynamic shape, the dome effortlessly defies the wind.

To prevent the dome from blowing away like a kite, we anchor it firmly to the surface with a metal mounting ring. The robust polycarbonate, which is no less than 200 times stronger than glass, makes a frame unnecessary. In addition, the manufacturer offers a generous 10-year warranty against discoloration. The panels are seamlessly attached to each other using stainless steel nuts and bolts. And for the entrance? There we use a metal door frame with 10 mm thick safety glass."

Different colors

The domes from Mister Domes are available in the following colors:


-tinted gray

-tinted bronze

and opal, frosted glass.

We can mix colors according to your wishes.

This way you can shield a part from prying eyes and enjoy the surroundings in the clear part

Energy efficient

Its shape creates a very efficient indoor climate. In addition, the dome has micro-ventilation due to its construction.

The sun, both friend and foe, has a special influence. Due to its transparency, the sun easily heats the interior space 10 degrees more than the outside temperature.

It is wonderful to stay in spring and autumn.

In winter, the dome heats up quickly thanks to a heating element, because the air circulates. In addition, it is possible to install a small heater, as the panels can withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees. If you prefer to sit inside the dome in the summer instead of on the terrace, you can cool quickly during the day with circulating cool air from a mobile air conditioner. In the evening you can enjoy a pleasant indoor climate, protected from the wind. Finally, it is also possible to install a sun blind.

If you have any further questions, we are happy to assist you with advice!

Unique experience

It is a unique experience to stay in a dome from Mister Domes.

A 360° view of your own environment, protects against wind and weather.

Breathtaking acoustics, ideal for music lovers. But also for people who like to seek silence. The outside sound bounces off the outer shell of the dome.

Clear manual

We have created an easy manual for the handy do-it-yourselfer.

With 2 people you will need an average of 2 days (depending on your skill level).

However, more hands speed up construction and make work more enjoyable.

You can also opt for one of us to support you or outsource the construction completely so that we can relieve you of any worries during the construction of the dome .


Our domes are multi-functional.

Here is a selection of the many private options: garden room, conservatory/plant room (ideal for allowing sensitive plants to overwinter), hobby room, studio, music room, sports room, relaxation room, yoga, meditation, men's cave, women's cave, playroom, pool house, hot tub. tub, whirlpool, jacuzzi cover, swimming pool cover, sauna, and so much more.

Business options: home office, meeting room, pop-up store, treatment room, teaching room, seminar room, dining, glamping, studio, etc. .

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