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Improving Everyday Life with Mister Domes

About us

After a personal search to expand our living space for the family, I came across the concept of "domes".

However, I have encountered some obstacles and limitations in doing so
concerns its purchase.
One of the limits I encountered was the fact that I could only find manufacturers abroad.
This got me thinking and inspired me to use my experience as a former importer of swimming pool covers and hot tubs to manufacture domes.
With the help of entrepreneur and product designer friends, I founded Mister Domes, where I have full control over every step of the process.

This includes consultation, design and planning with you as the customer, local manufacturers, suppliers and transporters.
In short, we strive for a sustainable and short supply chain, where a personal approach and service are central.


Promoting a sustainable future


We believe that Mister Domes offers a unique and extra efficient living space that...
promotes a more connected and harmonious relationship with the natural world.

Our mission is to make domes personal for everyone, through a range of customizable options
that suit different needs and preferences.


We envision a future in which Domes have a place as a sustainable,
cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing solution for a wide range
of applications, from living spaces to commercial structures, event spaces and more.
That is why Mister Domes is committed to continuously improving our products and services
through innovation, collaboration and sustainability.

Who are we

Meet the founders

Mister Domes“Make the most of every outdoor moment”

Joan Eerdekens

Dome designer

Ruben Clijsters Dome Builder

Joan Eerdekens

Dome designer

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